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LogoCounty has a team of qualified and creative logo designers to create your brand identity. We treat each and every logo design project like a challenge and are determined to exceed your expectations. When you choose Logo County for your logo design, we can promise a rewarding experience. Furthermore, our logo packages are absolutely affordable and value for money- the package starts at $99 only.

Read on to find out the logo design process at LogoCounty.

Select a logo design package that is best for you. Then, follow our sign-up process to submit your order. after tha tComplete our creative brief that ensures we understand your business and your vision. We'll follow up if we discover you had trouble filling out the form, but you'll maintain control of the process. you can also communicate with us by email or phone to explain your logo design requirements better.
View original logo concepts in just 3 business days. These concepts will be created by some of the best designers in the industry. You revert with your choice of logo and we get into logo revisions* based on your feedback till you are satisfied.

Find out here how fast you can get your logo.
You'll get your final logo when you are satisfied with the last revision. we send you the final logo files in EPS, GIF and JPG formats. EPS is a high resolution format suitable for printing while GIF and JPG are typically suited for use on the Web.

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Understanding You Through the Logo Design Brief
Before we begin conceptualizing and designing your logo, we accumulate important information from you to understand your vision and ideas about your logo. For this we will send you a logo design brief wherein you are required to tell us about your business competitors, any specific icons or symbols you like, the kind of logos which appeal to you, any color preferences and other useful information. This information is very important for our designers in order to come up with a logo that is in tune with your perception of your logo.

Conceptualizing a Logo Based on Research
After going through the logo design brief, we do our own research to understand you industry and business and believe that this is critical to designing a great logo. We also do visual research related to logo style. This includes logo/graphic style, the right approach, the image/symbol, font style and much more by studying the logos of your competitions and analyzing them.

Developing the Logo Design Concepts
Next comes the actual designing and developing of the logo design concept(s) where our designers create your logo studying the logo design brief and the research. We use appropriate symbol, text fonts, colors and logo style to create a logo that matches your business and reflects your business philosophy. The designers seek suggestions and feedbacks from each other, and add the final finishing touches, before finalizing a logo. We give you excellent value and variety without any time wasting meetings. In just 3 business days, we will send you your first logo concept(s)!

Pay only if you like our Logo Design
Till date we have a great track record and all of our clients have approved of our logos. However, if you don’t like our logo design concepts, we promise to refund your money after deducting a small processing fee.

Take a look at the Logo design Packages at LogoCounty and place your logo order today!

Johnny on the spot with excellent communications and updates. They made as many revisions as I asked for cheerfully. The LogoCounty team of crackerjack designers would actually produce a lineup of logos each with an entirely different point of view. You are sure to find a look that works best for your business. I would highly recommend them.

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